Lichtscherben (2018)

concerto for percussion and orchestra


 Mopitu (2018)

fairytale  for narrator, children group on small percussion instruments and objects ( guiros, bells, paper, clocks, drums), vibrafone and double bass or celesta, piano and cello



Oratorio on text by Tsvetaeva (2017-18)

for choir and orchestra

Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (2016)


Untitled (2016)

for choir and orchestra

Silberklang (2016)

for soprano and chamber ensemble, based on Dadaist absurdist poetry

Sonata for Giuseppe Tartini (2016)

for baroque violin, accordeon and bass clarinet

Fantasie (2016)

for piano solo

Cadenzas for Piazzolla’s Four Seasons (2016)

for violin and string orchestra

Die Sterntaler Kinderoper (2016)

for soprano, reader, flute, piano, celesta, contrabass, percussion, objects, dancer

Alles uber Sally (2015)

chamber opera on Roman by Arno Geiger for actor, soprano, ensemble, 2 typewriters and objects, libretto Jens Schroth

Marionette (2015)

for baroque orchestra and harpsichord

Donetsk Airport Documentary (2015)

music soundtrack

Jan.1925, D.Kharms’ Diary Note, Sankt-Petersburg (2015)

for accordeon, 2 pianists, 2 percussionists and objects

Maske von Francois Couperin (2015)

for violoncello solo

Die Sterntaler (2014)

music fairytale for reader, alto flute, contrabass, percussion, piano and objects after Brothers Grimm

Brief Scherben (2014)

for chamber orchestra, objects, typewriter after D.Kharms Diary

5 Cello Cadenzas for 3 CPE Bach Concertos (2014)

for cello solo and chamber orchestra

The Transit Passenger (2014)

music for theatre play, text D.Issabekov

Komisches Lamento (2014)

music theater for soprano, trombone, cello, percussion, piano and toy piano

Verrueckte Tango (2014)

for ensemble

Stimme im Schatten (2013)

for chamber ensemble with choreographed movements

Schatten von Guli (2013)

music theater for percussion trio, objects and video after Uzbek fairytale

Splitter (2013)

for contrabass, bass clarinet, accordeon

Versprochen… (2013)

Kinderopera for string quartet, percussion, contrabass, objects, and small instruments

Deconstructive Emotions (2013)

for recorder quartet, typewriter, music boxes, paper after A.Geiger


for subbass Paetzold /Ganassi alto recorder, guitar, percussion

Voices from Ravensbruck- Project (2013)

for 3 sopranos, string quartet, typewriter, 8 music boxes, percussion

Sept., 1925. Kharms‘ Diary Note (2012)

for oboe, clarinet, horn

Oskolki Pisma (Shards of a Letter/Splitter Eines Briefes, 2012)

after F.Kafka
for string quartet

Ein Brief, 1921, Prag (2012)

after F.Kafka
for 4-hands piano duet, video  and typewriter

Der Gebrochene Schatten (2011)

for string quartet

Kamni (2010)

for string quartet and tape

Kalam (2009)

for chamber ensemble

Untitled (2010)

for violoncello and tape

Fraza (2007)

for chamber ensemble

Variation (2011)

for violin, viola, v-cello, piano

Peshrav (2006)

for three violoncellos

Entfernung (2003)

for viola solo dedicated to Kinga Maria Roesler

Gazeli (2002)

for 2 sopranos, 2 percussion, bassoon, v-cello

La Baroque (2010)


Prelude (2011)

for baroque viola and harpsichord

Couperin Mask (2011)