Marionettes for cembalo and orchestra


Chaconne for mandolin and orchestra

Angelo della Luce for  violoncello and orchestra

Strahlen des Feuers for accordion, organ and orchestra

Nagoracha for Cello

Heat Efficiency for Orchestra

Sonata for Giuseppe Tartini

Untitled-1917 Revolution for voices and chamber orchestra

Widmung an Dichter Nikolai Gumilyov for  ensemble

Variation for chamber ensemble

Eine Figur after Oskar Schlemmer for ensemble

Осколки Письма/Brief Scherben on D.Kharms diary

Voices from Ravensbrück, brocken waltz

Brief an Felicia

Sept., 1925. D.Kharms‘ Diary Note

Mopitu music fairytale

Ein Brief for piano duo after Kafka

Meat, video music performance

Art Location Interview

Angelo di Fuoco for orchestra

Lichtscherben Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

For Stradivari

La Baroque for violin

Cadenza for C.P.E Bach cello concerto

Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra

Mirroring Contrapunctus after Kunst der Fuga

Marionettes for harpsichord and orchestra (live)

Echos von Liebe (after Schubert´s Winterreise)

Silberklang on absurd text by K. Schwitters for mezzo and ensemble

Peshrav for 3 celli


Zeitgeist for cello and piano

Sterntaler (after Brothers Grimm) Kinderoper

Alles über Sally Kammeroper, Arno Geiger

Осколки Письма/Brief Scherben for chamber ensemble

Подыми пиалу../Lift up the cup.. on Sufi poetry

Majnuntol  from Piano Album

3 Miniatures for chamber ensemble

Stimme im Schatten for chamber ensemble