„Das klingt erschreckend gewaltig und kompositionstechnisch sehr souverän. Das ist der Sound unser Zeit!“ (Cellokonzert)                                                                      Dr.Dieter Rexroth, Berlin



„The play with sound sonority was the main tool in Sadikova’s first Cello Concerto. A fully packed concert hall did not only once tremble upon such relentless powerful outbursts that with hard-hearted ruggedness, shattered into the bones.The unmistakable will of the Philharmonic, as well as the unruly sound culture of the soloist Julian Steckel, unprecedentedly exploited the complete range of sound effects, from glittering glissandi to the reluctant Bartok pizzicato. The handling of the instruments in this struggle seemed like a discharge of passionate emotions after indefinable intermediate states of breath.“ (Cello Concerto)                                                Simon Scherer, Heidelberg Stadthalle 



„Young composer Aziza Sadikova shone through at the finale of the concert with her explosive work, based on bloody events in Russia in 1917. Full of emblematic brutality set on picture. Duos appearing between fire shots of brass and heavy percussion. Extreme and controlled climax of choir and sounds of tubular bells acts as a cry from core of the world crisis.” (Untitled for choir and orchestra)
S.Amzoll, Neues Deutschland



“…a masterful cadenza written for Revich by Aziza Sadikova”
(Berliner Philharmonie performance, Cadences for Piazzolla’s Four Seasons)
J.Sutherland, Bachtrack Magazine Review



“It is almost unbelievable what you get to hear on this CD. CPE Bach could sound so modern with some freedom and new cadences of the Uzbek composer Aziza Sadikova, I would have never imagined. In its emotional expressiveness Sadikova’s cadences become a thrilling experience.“
Pizzicato Magazine



“The jury justified their decision for Sadikova ’s work for its diversity of musical and representative expressions that can be heard though pitches, sounds and words as some sort of prayer. A distant world is ghostly and yet intensely disturbed. „The composition touches,“ through visual images that arise in the head.”
(Brief Scherben for orchestra)
Musik Heute Magazine



The crown input came from performance of fairytale by the percussion winners of Mendelsohn-Bartholdy Competition (Simone Rubino, Shengnan Hu, Se-Mi Hwang) based on tragic love story. Composer, Aziza Sadikova created a wonderful musical atmosphere in “Shadows of Guli” with world full of poetry, mysticism and pain.”
G.Pepl, HNA, Kasseler Musiktage



„Polystylistic’ is not a word, one would expect to apply to a disc of C.P.E. Bach concertos, however revolutionary his writing may have been. The addition of cadenzas by contemporary Uzbek composer Aziza Sadikova in the first two concertos, however, turns them into something quite unexpected. These cadenzas, skillfully using tiny thematic motifs, gradually open up into a surreal sound world…This ‘living interpretation’ is an excellent one“
Bach CD review, The STRAD Magazine, UK



“Very impressive is the character of the Sadikova’s Cadences, which flow over the themes. She delivers profound and independent look to an old Master’s music, by throwing a glance back that attracts to present day.“
Bach CD review, Klassik Heute Magazine



“Sadikova is not quite as extreme as Schnittke (who wrote in an obbligato timpani part). However, like Schnittke, she requires Manaev to explore sonorities that would have been regarded as provocative (if not something stronger) by Frederick and the members of his court.”
Bach CD review, Presto Classical, UK



“Regarding innovation, Manaev commissions the cadenzas from Uzbek composer, with the aim of integrating with his interpretation. Whilst placing this task to modern composer, Sadikova’s writings are based on historic material, and never go so astray. …Aziza Sadikova’s melancholic lament swells to miasma and falls suddenly into original resolution. At places she designed a brief episodes with vocals counterpointed by overwhelming leaps”
Bach CD review, ANACALASE la Musique au jour le jour, France