Lichtscherben Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

Concerto for violoncello and orchestra

Untitled for choir and orchestra

Silberklang for soprano and ensemble

Glass Emptiness for cello and string orchestra

Fraza for chamber ensemble

Voices from Ravensbruck

La Baroque for violin

Clavecin Sonorities

Cadences for Piazzolla’s Four Seasons

Nagoracha for Cello

For Stradivari

Brief Scherben for orchestra (D.Kharms text)

Alles uber Sally Kammeroper, Arno Geiger

Cadenza for C.P.E Bach cello concerto

Ein Brief (F.Kafka)

Deconstructive Emotions, Arno Geiger


Viola solo from Voices from Ravensbrück

Kinderoper Versprochen